Sunday, May 18, 2008


A historical review……………
National Socialism has a vision for a united nation. One built on pride, honor and loyalty. Today’s Democrats and Republicans policy is built on, greed, and power due in large part to their loyalty to big money hyper capitalist corporate special Interests. Some comparisons between the National Socialist Government of Germany (the last time National Socialism held positions of government authority) and today………
1) Between 1933 and 1939, the marriage rate had increased by 10% due in large part to family oriented policies of National Socialism. In the United States today under the Democrats and Republicans, over 50% of all marriages fail and 30% of children are raised in single parent homes.
2) National Socialist economic policy turned around an economy in ruins in 4 short years:
The Democrats and Republicans have been in grid lock for years while inflation grows, food prices rise, gas is over $4.00 a gallon, millions have lost their homes in sub prime banking schemes and the Democrats and Republicans have bailed out the banks and not the homeowners
3) National Socialism set up a national health insurance plan for all Germans that only cost 10 cents per person per day that would fund the whole health sector. People paid for what they used, hence no one could complain about unfair taxes.
In America today over 40 million American remain without health coverage while the Democrats and Republicans continue to be paid off by the insurance company agents and lobbyists.

4) National Socialists enacted the first laws to protect animals from cruelty and outlawed medical experimentation on animals which afforded them protection in line with what humans received; this law existed till the late 1970's till it was renamed in an effort to de-Nazify Germany.
Republicans have no policy and Democrats base their position on the last pressure group they spoke to.
5) National Socialists provided unlimited money towards an alternative fuel source other than oil by investing in synthetic petrol and electric power generation. In America today, we pay over $4.00 per gallon for gas while the Arabs become zillionaires while Democrats and Republicans take millions from oil company lobbyists and no energy policy that benefits all the people is crafted.
6) National Socialists developed and invested heavily into rocket technology, the A-10 and V-1 and V-2 rocket was used as the basis for the launch of the Sputnik satellite and the American Apollo Programs after WW2 that led to the first man on the moon. Republicans cannot afford scientific advances due to their Zionist foreign policy and the Democrats no longer believe space exploration is worthy so they can provide benefits to non-Americans.
7) National Socialists undertook a war against the Communism 50 years before Ronald Reagan declared the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire and came within 20 miles of capturing Moscow and thus ending communism and preventing the 70 year Cold war, had the Zionist influences not allied the west with their communist enemies. Democrats we know quite well are kissing cousins of communists and with Soviet communism gone; they are now attempting to replace it here in the United States.
8) National Socialism put the power of the state in the hands of an all citizens, regardless of class. Republicans and Democrats are both class based political parties, Republicans being owned by hyper capitalist corporate class and Democrats seeking a quasi-communist system.
9) National Socialism was one of the first governments to start a war on cancer and began a public information campaign regarding breast cancer and self exams.
10) National Socialists began the first blood tests for drivers that were under the influence of Alcohol.
11) National Socialism encouraged family morals, motherhood, fatherhood, respect and honor and as a political party published many books on family values and once in government instituted family strengthening policies such as health care, living wage, full employment, and family trips. Today’s Democrats and Republicans cannot see fit to adjust the average worker’s wage with the sky rocketing cost of food and gas.

12) National Socialism supported women's rights and provided support to abused and disenfranchised women. Hence the motherhood programs came into place. Today Republicans shun such women and young girls and the democrats simply look upon them as a social statistic. National Socialism provided programs and support for personal development and distinction.
13) National Socialists were environmentalists seeking to protect nature clean air, water. National Socialists imposed strict regulations on hunting, trapping, and National Socialists were the pioneers in enacting laws to protect endangered species. National Socialists also instituted ambitious reforestation programs and created many wildlife preserves. National Socialists did this while building Germany into a Superpower from the ruins of depression in 3 short years. This while today’s Democrats and Republicans in America today sell out to their various special interests and various pressure groups and accomplishes little or nothing.
14) National Socialism gave birth to the Autobahn which is essentially the first Inter-State Freeway-Highway System which was replicated here in America, however today’s Democrats and Republicans, while taxing us to death, have allowed our public works to fall into a state of disrepair.
15) National Socialism gave workers the first May Day.
16) National Socialism provided, Under "Strength through Joy" paid vacation trips to workers. Today’s Democrats and Republicans will not even raise the minimum wage to keep up with food and gas prices nor assist with foreclosures, but they have bailed out banks.

National Socialism is a Political party of the people, regardless of class. In fact, we National Socialist seek to end class as a basis of policy making. The overall benefit of the people is our basis for public policy and what is good and sound for America, not what is good for “some” Americans.


There will be energy independence because hyper capitalist energy companies will not be making the laws and policies.

There will be no more sub prime mortgages and no foreclosures and the home owners will receive the bail outs and not the Banks who schemed and no want your tax dollars to bail them out.

There will be a National Health Plan, because insurance companies will not be making the policy and interfering with the process with their bags of cash.

Personal accountability will be the norm.

There will be litigation reform, because trial lawyers will not be pressuring your National Socialist Representatives.
College Education will be subsidized so that working class Americans will be able to send their children to College without having a mountain of debt.
Under National Socialism, United States foreign policy will be sovereign and not an extension of Israel or any other Country. Our blood is sacred.


Saturday, May 17, 2008


The National Socialist Labor Party (NSALP) is an orthodox National Socialist Political Party designed to move National Socialism into the active political process. The NSALP IS NOT A HATE GROUP OR WHITE POWER MILITIA TYPE ENTITY. The NSALP is a National Socialist Political Party based on political theory of National Socialism. We reject and condemn all violence and demand the strictest code of National Socialist conduct and ethics from our membership. We take pride in honest thought provoking discussion on issues without profanity, personal attacks and language that demeans National Socialism. We do not associate ourselves with many who call themselves National Socialist, and who have public even ts and engage in loud and often profane language and conduct that would be an embarrasment to real national Socialism and our founder.
The National Socialist American Labor Party, (NSALP) is based on original concepts, economic and social, and writings of National Socialism, thus we are an orthodox National Socialist Political Party. We require our members to be thinkers and to actively participate and to read, discuss, and participate in the development of National Socialist political positions.
We are a Labor Party of the Middle Class, we are also a political party, and thus we have no uniform. However on November 9, April 20, and January 30, our Members may wear traditional uniforms at Party Congress, Party Day, and at Cultural Events. Our National Socialist Youth Corps for young boys and girls does have uniforms.
The foundations of the National Socialist Labor Party and core text are:
A. the 1939 English Translation of Mien Kampf
B. 1935 Handbook on Foundations of National Socialist Ethics
C. 1943 NSDAP HandbookD. 1937 Handbook on Positive Christianity & National SocialismE. Code of Conduct for the National Socialist American Labor Party